our values


We value providing a caring environment for our clients, staff and the community.


We value the emotional and physical safety of our clients and our staff.


We respect and value each person’s contributions, views, and input into their own supports, their /strengths, uniqueness, beliefs, culture, religion, sexuality, and their experiences as well as promoting self-respect and respect between clients.


We value the potential in each person and aim to provide quality supports to assist people to identify and reach their potential.

 Best life lived

We value and believe each person, regardless of the barriers they face, deserves to live their best life and experience ‘good life’ activities.   Innovation We value and pride ourselves on striving to find new and creative ways to more effectively meet the needs of our clients and/or to provide services to clients where no other service does.

 Accountability and Transparency

We value the importance of accountability and transparency for our stakeholders, clients, and staff.

Therapeutic Model of Service

SA SUPPORT SERVICES helps young men with severe behavioral issues become valued members of society, enabling them to have a life best lived.

We provide a safe, positive place for young men to live and provide 24/7 care and support.

Through a range of projects and therapeutic services, we re-engage young men, fundamentally through re-parenting with the aim of them re-entering society and become meaningful and positive contributors to it.

We provide several assisted, independent living sites that are safe and comfortable environments. Here we embark on a well- defined and highly structured service model to help troubled young men become independent and normally functioning members of their community.

SA Support Services Vision

We are a South Australian NGO with extensive experience providing supported accommodation for men between 18 and 35 years old experiencing emotional, behavioural, or forensic disability issues with complex needs.  

Most commonly these complex needs are a result of dual diagnosis of disability and mental health issues. 

We believe our experience, together with our Service Delivery Model and informed and supportive staff we are well placed to reach our vision of providing first choice quality therapeutic supported accommodation services for South Australians.